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A Taste of History: Tavira’s Palácio da Galeria Presents Interactive Culinary Events Celebrating the Mediterranean Diet

The kitchen of the exhibition “Mediterranean Diet – A Millenary Intangible Cultural Heritage” at Tavira Municipal Museum/Palácio da Galeria used for culinary demonstrations in partnership with the Vila Real de Santo António School of Hospitality and Tourism | 18 October and 7 November 2023 In the context of World Food Day, the Vila Real de […]


A very summery traditional Spanish recipe One of the typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine is the Gazpacho, originally from the autonomous community of Andalusia.This “cold soup” of vegetables has many variations, due to regional and/or personal preferences. It is traditionally prepared as a mixture of tomato and other ingredients such as cucumber, pepper, onion, garlic, […]

About the New Year’s Tradition of Vasilopita

On New Year’s Eve, housewives make a festive bread, a “pitta” dedicated to the feast of Saint Basil, called Vasilopitta. Vasilopita is sourdough pitta and is prepared with wheat flour, warm water, salt and flavored with anise, cinnamon and mastic. Vasilopita must be kneaded very well and is given a round shape and patinated, creating […]

Trame Mediterranee “Food Theater”

Telling and making people understand the exceptional heritage linked to the Mediterranean Diet was one of the main themes of the summer events organized by the Centro Studi per la Dieta Mediterranea Angelo Vassallo, the Municipality of Pollica, in collaboration with the Future Food Institute and the “Trame Mediterranee” project. In order to tell the […]

Learning about the Mediterranean Diet

In October, the 9th, Valencia (the Comunitat Valenciana) celebrates its regional day.  To commemorate this special date, we want to speak about a unique product from the Mediterranean Diet, characteristic of this beautiful region: the chufa (tiger nut) milk.  The chufa (tiger nut) is a tuber with different sides and forms, with a sweet and […]

Grape Harvest in the Wine Villages of Cyprus

Autumn months, especially September and October, are the traditional months of the grape harvest from the vineyards covering the rolling slopes of Cyprus. The wine history of Cyprus dates back thousands of years, and harvesting is closely linked to traditions, rituals and fun filled festivals. When it’s time to harvest, families gather and the process […]

Our Lady of Health and St. Prosperus – patrons against the famine

The Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (known locally as Velika Gospa), celebrated on 15 August, reminds people of the importance of family gatherings and gatherings of indigenous people even at the peak of the tourist season when people are usually very busy and do not have time for each other.There are a few […]