Agros, Cyprus

Agros, Cyprus

UNESCO emblematic community of the Mediterranean Diet. 

Agros is a village located in the Troodos Mountains, in the Pitsillia area in Cyprus. It constitutes one of the most vibrant communities and a popular destination in Cyprus.

Built among high mountains at an altitude of 1,100 meters, it has a population of approximately 1,000 people.

Agros was named after the Monastery of “Megalos Agros” which was built where the church of Panagia Eleousa is situated now. According to tradition, during the Iconoclasm period, forty monks from Kizikos of Asia Minor, abandoned the Monastery of “Megalos Agros” and cq,e in Cyprus bringing with them the holy icon of Virgin Mary. They ended up in Agros, where they initially lived in a cave and later they built a new “Monastery of Megalos Agros.” In 1692, a fatal disease occurred in Cyprus, afflicting ⅔ of the island’s inhabitants. The survivors of the illness in the region abandoned their settlements and moved near the Monastery, thus creating a new village named Agros. Despite the destruction of the Monastery in 1894, the village is still flourishing and transmits its history and cultural heritage to future generations.

Agros is included in the Troodos UNESCO Global Geopark, a real gem with cultural and natural sites. Through different trails, the area provides the opportunity to explore the geology, flora and fauna of the region, the traditional architecture, cultural sites and the lifestyle of residents of Cyprus countryside. It stands on a wine route, surrounded by vineyards, pine trees, wild roses and herbs, among others.

The diverse natural surroundings, the rich cultural heritage, the warm hospitality of the inhabitants and the preservation of several traditions make the Pitsillia area in general –and Agros in particular– one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus and highly representative of the cultural identity of the island. Some of the traditional products made there are: tsamarella, hoiromeri, posyrti and lountza Pitsilias, zivania, soutsioukkos, ppalouzes, kkiofterka, traditional sweets and the well-known Agros rose water.

In 2012 Agros was selected as an emblematic community of Cyprus for the Meditarranean Diet and since then participates in networking activities and programmes to safeguard and promote the element as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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