Mediterranean Diet Initiatives in Agros, Cyprus

Mediterranean Diet - When Brand Meets People

Agros community and the Troodos Development Company were involved in Project “Mediterranean Diet – When Brand Meets People” (2018-2021, co-financed by the ERDF under the Interreg MED Program), with partners from nine Mediterranean countries.

The main objective of the project was to strengthen exploration of the Mediterranean Diet blending concepts with innovative tools to address current challenges related to the transmission of the Mediterranean Diet. The Project approach consisted of different types of activities including:

  • Sharing scientific knowledge and research on the Mediterranean Diet through a transnational network platform.
  • Strengthening Mediterranean Diet identity and cooperation between regions to apply common methodologies to foster SMEs in the international market competition.
  • Innovation and creativity of products and services through a permanent platform.
  • Shared methodology of courses and workshops for information and co-creation of Mediterranean Diet professionals.
  • Strengthening partnerships.
  • Successful transferring and capitalization of MD tools, achievements and knowledge to MED regions.

In the framework of the implementation of the project, several activities were organized in Agros and the broader Troodos region, such as Living Labs offering a set of skills and knowledge on Mediterranean Diet and its rituals, symbols, and local traditions.

Gastronomic Promenades Along the Pathways of the Mediterranean Diet

The activity was designed and implemented by the Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum, financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and supported by the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO. It took place in autumn 2016 in selected regions of Cyprus with special gastronomic interest, especially related to three basic ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet: wheat, olive oil, and wine. The idea was to engage the public in the local version of the Mediterranean Diet and the Cypriot gastronomic tradition as an element of cultural identity, through a unique, personal, participatory experience combining travelling, entertainment, education and delight. More precisely, the project consisted of the organization of three cultural trails around Cyprus, in order to discover the connections of different types of cultural heritage (tangible and Intangible Heritage) and landscape. The trails included:  

  • Guided visits in selected places, landscapes, monuments related to the Mediterranean Diet, in different stages of cultivation, processing and cooking of the basic products. 
  • Get-to-know and interact with producers of local – traditional products, made with wheat, olives and grapes / wine.
  • Participatory activities, engaging the public in the process of observing, learning and experiencing / tasting the three basic elements of the MD.

The aim of these interactive promenades was to develop a holistic understanding of the MD as a concept which does not only refer to the products but, instead, includes the experience of the atmosphere, the landscape and the interdependence between human and nature.

Discovering the Tastes of Agros

The project was implemented by the Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum in collaboration with the Agros Community. It consisted of three parts:

  1. Identification and inventorying of traditional recipes from Agros,
    Through interviews of women and other community members of Agros, familiar with traditional ways of producing, processing, and consuming local products. 

  2. Digitization and production of videos 
    The most representative recipes were photographed and recorded to create a film. All the material collected was digitized and uploaded on the database of the Cyprus Food Virtual Museum.

  3. Dissemination of information
    The outcomes of the research process were presented to the public on the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2017, dedicated to the theme “Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities.” In this context, the Cyprus Food Virtual Museum and the community of Agros organized a series of activities dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet and its local expression, as found in Agros. 

The project was financed by the Ministry of Education & Culture (under the Scheme for the Protection and Enhancement of Intangible Cultural Heritage) and was supported by the Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO.

Wellness Camp in Agros

On the occasion of World Food Day and within the framework of its corporate responsibility, Lidl Cyprus organized two Wellness Camps (2020, 2021), under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and the Cyprus Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

Participants had the opportunity to attend interactive talks and participate in experiential workshops aimed at promoting healthy eating, responsible consumption, and well-being. Furthermore, activities for children were carried out by specialized teachers of the ‘School of the Forest.’

The objective of the event was to highlight the value of a balanced lifestyle and provide motivation for self-improvement and development, while also promoting the sustainable management of resources for the planet.

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