Mediterranean Diet Key Messages

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The Mediterranean Diet safeguards the knowledge, customs, and values that are transmitted orally within the context of family life as integral parts of the collective cultural identity and memory of Mediterranean societies.


The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle covering diverse aspects of life, from food production to consumption, physical activity, transmission of customary practices, respect for elements of cultural and natural heritage, caring for health and well-being.

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The Mediterranean Diet is about sharing and conviviality with food only a pretext for gatherings, thus providing opportunities to transmit knowledge and values within diverse communities.


The Mediterranean Diet encourages a holistic approach to food, favoring balance and frugality anchored in local agricultural products and the seasonality of food patterns.


The Mediterranean Diet is widely recognized as a dietary model with significant benefits in people’s health and well-being.

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The Mediterranean Diet preserves biodiversity and natural resources as the nexus between sustainability (sustainable development) and public health.


The Mediterranean Diet is an exemplary driver for sustainable development in all aspects: economic, social, cultural, environmental. Its practices span from field to fork, encompassing agricultural to culinary knowledge, with a strong emphasis on the social and symbolic connotations of food.


The Mediterranean Diet has a lower environmental impact, encouraging ecological agriculture, local production and consumption, and safeguarding landscapes.