Mediterranean Diet Initiatives in Greece

Municipality of Pylos-Nestor Kindergarten Vegetable Gardens

Children are curious by nature, and there is no greater joy than that from a child who has cultivated plants from his or her own vegetable garden. Kids enjoy planting seeds, watching them sprout, and eventually harvesting what they have grown. The purpose of the project is to teach children about soil, nutrition, science and life cycles of the vegetables and the creatures attracted to the garden, through food growing. Furthermore, a vegetable plot can raise children’s awareness of the seasonal nature and the variety of food. Besides the educational dimension, engaging in the vegetable garden raises environmental awareness and promotes volunteerism, helps toddlers to work in groups, to be responsible for the care and maintenance of plants, to have patience waiting for the fruits to ripen and finally enjoy the vegetables it gives them. A volunteer farmer will be responsible for the action for each kindergarten.

Learning about the Mediterranean Diet in Koroni’s Center for Creative Engagement of Children

A schoolteacher introduces Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle to children (5 to 12 years old). Therefore, children: – recognize the importance of healthy eating for the proper physical function of human, through a creative approach, – learn the importance of the region and its products – learn about the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countries – understand why Mediterranean Diet is intangible cultural heritage – widen their imagination by connecting visual arts with the Mediterranean Diet – cultivate a spirit of cooperation

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