The Power of Museums

To celebrate and pay homage to the power of museums in communities, the Network of the UNESCO Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet launched a joint initiative with the goal of exploring the potential of museums through three lenses:

  • The power of achieving sustainability
  • The power of innovating on digitalization and accessibility
  • The power of community building through education

The initiative set out to engage the community in a social experience to share the tables of the Mediterranean Diet through photos sourced from across the emblematic communities. The results were parallel moments of conviviality in kitchens, around tables, and over meals across the Mediterranean. The photos were then collected into this booklet to further preserve and share the Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle of the future.

The Municipal Museum of Tavira launched the challenge to its community and the result exceeded our expectations, with the participation of 7 entities, namely, a cultural association, a school, an organic farming producer and Tavira citizens. The photographs were exhibited on International Museum Day from 18 to 30 May in the arcades of the Municipality of Tavira.