TerritorialMED Project – Mediterranean Diet in Centro region

Traditional Algarve nativity scene can be seen at the Old School of Santa Rita

The Seminar “Challenges for Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the Territories”, held on May 31, 2022, aimed to present the results of the TerritorialMED Project – Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the regions, funded by the National Rural Network / PDR2020, and to give visibility to the important work started to create networks between organizations for the elaboration of action plans to safeguard and enhance the Mediterranean diet in the regions.


This video is from the Center region, were the marks of the movement of the different peoples of the world and their cultures, throughout the Iberian Peninsula, who over the centuries, through trade, settled in this territory, left an indelible mark on this millenary culture that we still want and dare to safeguard.

This marks are clearly present in the Portugal Centre Region territory, which stretches along the River Mondego. A fertile river that is the cradle of immense biodiversity and natural riches, the support of countless activities linked to areas as diverse as fishing, gastronomy, the traditional production of salt or tourism.

A dynamic agro-silvo-pastoral system has also developed here, based on the immense natural resources available in the region, giving rise to a wide variety of horticultural products.

It is here that some of the oldest and most renowned portuguese cheeses are produced, such as Queijo Serra da Estrela and Queijo de Castelo Branco, products which are still made in a traditional way, complying rituals hundreds of years old, also contributing a new impetus to the creation of sheep cattle in the region, under the fabulous natural scenery which is the biggest mountain range in Portugal.

Know how to do, know how to be, know how to celebrate, everything has is origin in agrarian cycles and food.

These are marks of the know-how of life that we associate with the Mediterranean Diet, a cultural heritage that must be preserved and valued

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