TerritorialMED Project – Mediterranean Diet in Algarve region

Traditional Algarve nativity scene can be seen at the Old School of Santa Rita

The Seminar “Challenges for Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the Territories”, held on May 31, 2022, aimed to present the results of the TerritorialMED Project – Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the regions, funded by the National Rural Network / PDR2020, and to give visibility to the important work started to create networks between organizations for the elaboration of action plans to safeguard and enhance the Mediterranean diet in the regions.

The Mediterranean Sea, due to its geographical position, relief and climate, was the starting point for the creation of a common identity between its peoples, united by the navigability of its sea.

A lifestyle of its own, passed on from generation to generation, which originated one of the most balanced diets in the world, the Mediterranean Diet.

From the 15th century onwards, the Algarve gains strategic importance with the Discoveries. 

Caravels and ships set sail from here, and on their return many and varied foods and new plants arrived, revolutionising the Mediterranean food frugality

Olive, fig, almond and carob trees contribute their produce to the diet of people and animals, and the sale of these products generates an important source of income for farmers

The Mediterranean Diet is today recognised as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is a cultural heritage full of traditions, practices and knowledge that we want to preserve and promote.

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