Night of the Museum in ŠKRIP

The Croatian Museum Society, in cooperation with numerous Croatian museums and other heritage, scientific, and educational institutions, organized the Night of the Museum event for the 19th time this year on Friday, January 26.

The theme of this Museum Night was Museums and a new audience. It is appropriate at a time when new generations are looking for innovative and creative museum content in which they could participate and create their own museum stories on social networks. Thus, the host curators tried to inspire the audience, especially the younger ones, with their interesting stories about the museum exhibits, to their own interpretation of the native heritage by publishing, sharing, and liking their stories about the museum objects and breathing new life into them on social networks (#nocmuzejabrac).

This year, the program of the aforementioned manifestation on Brač was held in the oldest island settlement Škrip. The Museum of the Island of Brač was a place of socializing and entertainment with a musical program of brass band BRAssČUTA from Pučišća, women’s fire brigade vocal group Alegrija from Supetar, and you could also dance to B-BAND Acoustic. Vladimir Nazor Elementary School from Postira, Brač High School from Supetar, and Bol High School from Bol presented their products. It was also an opportunity to promote the Mediterranean diet. Pupils from Postira presented traditional candied almonds and „arancini“ – candied orange peel made from oranges that they grow at their school. Brač High School presented itself with „šalša“ from the awarded school project – tomato sauce made from Mediterranean ingredients according to the traditional recipe of their grandmothers. The students of Bol High School presented their products that can best describe the words tradition, local, and autochthonous, sometimes with a touch of the new. There were traditional cakes and imaginative savory snacks with edible plants that are native to the island of Brač, more commonly known –  MIŠANCA, pie with Mediterranean vegetables and Komiška pogača – a type of baked bread pie, filled with salty fish (anchovies), onions and tomatoes. Visitors showed the most interest in their cocktail with lavender and TRTAJUN – a cocktail with marinated motar (rock samphire). Cocktail Trtajun – was created as part of the Divlji pijat project, which is carried out by Bol High School in cooperation with Imena Association, and the recipe was published in the book of the same name, which is certified Best in the World at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

It was very nice to see these young people and their teachers promoting the cultural heritage of the island of Brač and the Mediterranean diet with their activities. Please note that the island of Brač is part of the emblematic community of the Republic of Croatia, which is on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

The event was organized by the Brač Culture Center with the support of the tourist boards of Supetar and Bol and the Brač Craftsmen’s Association.