MED Talk – Voice of Mediterranean Heritage

The Permanent Secretariat of the Network of Emblematic Communities launches a series of live-streaming sessions with experts on the Mediterranean Diet, coming from all the emblematic communities. This initiative aims to promote the dissemination and safeguarding of the UNESCO intangible heritage of the Mediterranean Diet, emphasizing its value not only as a dietary model but as a rich ensemble of science, traditional knowledge, skills, and identity values linked to the territory.

Since 2010, the Network of the Emblematic Communities of Mediterranean Diet has been promoting and protecting the heritage, actively collaborating with a wide network of partners at local, regional, national, and international levels. The Mediterranean Diet, recognized as a UNESCO heritage, represents the excellence of the territory that transcends the simple nutritional dimension to touch social, economic, and environmental spheres.


Promote the Mediterranean Diet: Amplify global awareness of the Mediterranean lifestyle, showing its importance not only for human health but also for environmental sustainability and economic development.

Share knowledge and traditions: Offer a platform for the sharing of knowledge, traditional practices, and innovations related to the Mediterranean Diet, through direct dialogue with experts and representatives of the emblematic communities.

Encourage international collaboration: Strengthen relationships and the exchange of knowledge between the emblematic communities of the Mediterranean Diet and the rest of the world, stimulating greater collaboration and mutual learning.

Contribute to current challenges: Address the needs of the social context, where health, the environment, and sustainable development represent undisputed priorities.

The series of streamings will take place through interactive sessions, during which experts will share experiences and answer questions in real time. Each session will feature an ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet, to explore the different topics that characterize the lifestyle.

Through this series, the Network of the Emblematic Communities commits to spreading knowledge and passion for the Mediterranean Diet, inviting the international community to explore and adopt this intangible heritage as a key to a healthier and more sustainable future.

The lives will be streamed from the YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts of the Angelo Vassallo Mediterranean Diet Study Center.

The agenda of the live-streaming will be out soon! Continue to follow us to stay updated on the upcoming streaming dates.