Gastro Diplomacy Boot Camp in Italy

Future Food Institute is proud to present a six-day immersive boot camp focused on GASTRO-DIPLOMACY. This unique experience aims to explore the power of creativity and culinary activism in revolutionizing our food systems for integral ecological development. In particular, we recognize the crucial role of chefs and cooks as undercover agents of change who have the ability to shape our society through their culinary choices.

From July 16TH-21ST, 2023 at Paideia Campus, Pollica (SA), Italy

An experiential learning platform allowing the participants to engage in an international workshop environment comprising live experiences, challenges and prototyping; teamwork based innovation challenges; entrepreneurial mentoring and inspirational talks presented by visionary entrepreneurs, policy makers, innovators and opinion leaders. The platform is thus identified by three distinct training “experiences”: inspiration, aspiration and perspiration.

Inspiration – To combine learning and innovation to get a view of the future, through the eyes of big visionaries and experts.
Aspiration – To unlock your potential by making real your ideas at the side of the doers.
Action – To convert your ideas into action and make a transformation in the communities in which you are part of cross-curricular “Food Shoot.”
This experiential learning platform has the vision of enabling purpose driven talented individuals to optimize their specific food interventions in order to positively impact firstly the 5 Food Shoots identified by the Google Food Team and ultimately the food-related SDGs.

ENABLE individuals to make personal, informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles
SHIFT diets
ENHANCE food (systems) transparency
REDUCE loss and waste in food systems
ACCELERATE the transition to a circular food economy

Future Food Institute is looking for chefs, cooks, students of gastronomic science, f&b managers, foodtellers with a strong passion for advancing the global movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most regenerative, impactful and innovative way possible; individuals with a project, an idea, or a personal challenge to share and bring to life, to transform inspiration into action.
Boot Camps involve a multidisciplinary curated group of “thinkers” and “doers”, young experts coming from all over the globe, inspired and motivated to take action in the real world to combat climate change and its impacts. The diverse pool of competences in the team (like engineering, food technology, chemistry, economics, design, entrepreneurship, gastronomic sciences, food studies, political science, health, philosophy, international cooperation, food sciences, architecture, management and marketing etc..) is going to be one of the key ingredients.

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