Food & Climate Shapers Boot Camp

Apply for the in-person boot camp from 23 July – 29 July , 2023, Pollica (Sa), Italy.

The Mediterranean Diet is more than a list of ingredients. It is a lifestyle that reconnects humanity with the planet that hosts us, providing a model for a new type of sociality that is grounded in integral ecology. It gives us a wealth of scientific, cultural, traditional skills, and knowledge upon which we can build a more sustainable future.

Looking out over fields of olive trees towards the Tyrrehnian sea, the small town of Pollica (Cliento – Italy) represents the perfect symbol of the Mediterranean Diet as a culture and lifestyle. The life rhythms of its 2,300 inhabitants are based on skills, knowledge, rituals, and traditions, centered on the sharing and consumption of food in perfect balance between food-scape and food identity.

Held in the historic Princes Capano Castle and home of the Mediterranean Diet Study Center “Angelo Vassallo,” this place espouses protection of gastronomic pleasure and defense of biodiversity, pride for one’s own identity and awareness of the continuous exchange between cultures, love for the sea, and roots firmly planted in the earth.

The Mediterranean Diet is the perfect example of respecting the landscape, the territory, the community, and the economy, combining creativity with resilience and adaptation. It symbolizes eating together, connecting with the social and natural environments, respecting natural cycles, promoting healthy diets, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

The Mediterranean Diet should be exported for its systemic approach, forward-looking mindset, and for the whole range of values that make it so sustainable: resilience, inclusivity, conviviality, and community. This explains why Future Food Institute has chose Pollica to teach and share the values at the heart of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Climate Shapers are SEEDERS, talented and charismatic individuals, driving dialogue and change:

SEEING the challenges of current systems that accelerate climate change and chronic diseases;
ENVISIONING what needs to be done to improve these systems as a part of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s);
ENGAGING with people and organizations in their own environments to start making change;
DOING a pledge to stay actively involved.
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