The Recovery and Resilience Plan – PRR

It defines a set of investments and reforms that should contribute to the following dimensions: resilience, climate transition and digital transition.

In Portugal, and following the approval of the Innovation Agenda for Agriculture 2020-2030, the call N.º 12/ C05-i03/2021 Sustainable Food, which is aimed at applications to the Emblematic Initiative 1 – Sustainable Food, aims to promote the celebration of financing contracts to promote sustainable economic, environmental and social development, through the democratization of digitalisation, contracts that will promote the execution of action plans in terms of research and innovation

This Call is intended to encourage national production, the adoption of more sustainable production and distribution systems, short supply chains, the appreciation of quality products, the Mediterranean Diet and the awareness of consumers and the general population to the adoption of a nutritionally balanced diet and the consumption of seasonal products and meat from small indigenous ruminants.

The analysis of the 18 Applications submitted under call no. 12, was carried out by the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development, and for the maximum total amount to be approved, of €4,000,000, after applying the ranking criteria, approved with funding, 6 Applications:

  • RedFruit4Health – Objectives: promote the appreciation and consumption of red fruits as health promoters, giving them greater prominence in the Mediterranean Diet. The project also foresees the creation of healthy and sustainable menus based on endogenous products from the Beira Interior region, inspired by the Mediterranean diet to be accompanied by the new drink. These menus will then be integrated into the local catering sectors and school canteens.
  • DM4you – Objectives: Study and Disseminate the Potential of the Mediterranean Diet in increasing the quality of life (+ health + sustainability), with a main focus on legumes, vegetables and aromatic plants. The project aims to show that soup is a “very Portuguese” product and that some of its ingredients, as they are natural products, have, on the one hand, a benefit for health and quality of life, added the official.
  • RNAES – National Network for Balanced and Sustainable Food – Objectives: To develop a pilot model of Governance of the network at the national/regional level, create the Observatory of Food Systems for the Food Diet (including the development and selection of an indicator matrix) and , to develop tools for valuing the Mediterranean Diet
  • Mushrooms from “Farm to Plate”: From the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases to a Sustainable Healthy Diet based on the Valorization of Agro-forestry Resources – Objectives: to promote the valorization and consumption of mushrooms, including the development of formulation of specific agricultural and forestry residues for the cultivation of the mushrooms themselves, and the study of the medicinal properties of the consumption of mushrooms in the metabolism of sugars and lipids;
  • HARVEST – Valuing the Family Vegetable Garden in order to educate for a Mediterranean, healthy and sustainable diet – Objectives: Study, value and disseminate the results obtained regarding the different types of Family Vegetable Gardens
  • CERTRA – Development of Value Chains of Traditional Cereals for Sustainable Food in Portugal – Objectives: To value and promote the consumption of cereals, with a focus on the traditional populations of wheat and rye and corn used in the production of bread and other products typical of the Mediterranean diet , introduce technologies and measures for the traceability and authenticity of products, and encourage access to safe, diversified, seasonal and quality food (e.g. collective catering, local markets, short circuits).

The total investment value validated and which will finance the 6 approved projects, with funding is €3,654,921.43

The projects will have to be completed by the end of September 2023, one of the main Lines of Action in common with all projects is Communication, being mandatory to inform, train and educate for a healthy and sustainable diet, and aiming to combat waste to feed.

In line with the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy, the Terra Futura Agenda is contributing to training the sector, to the production and application of knowledge and to the democratization of access to innovation and technology.

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