The Garden of Joy

The 2nd Elementary School of Hora creates the Garden of Joy, in order that it may function as a teaching tool for students to understand where their food comes from.

Students from the 4th and the 5th grade planted vegetables and herbs and spent a creative day. Furthermore, they will consequently take care of it, watering, weeding, etc., and will soon so be reaping from their garden the fruits of their efforts!

Introducing students to the magic of nature and the earth will bring multiple benefits as it will make them partners in rural life, will also relax them, and ultimately bring them closer to their natural environment, cutting them off -even for a short time- from their demanding daily life. The vegetable garden motivates observation, improves relationships between students, and teaches them to wait, care, collaborate and share. In “their” garden the children do not get bored… and in a way of informal education the vegetable garden becomes “the garden of joy”.

The agricultural cooperative NHLEAS Producers Group is responsible for this initiative.