MedDiet XNUMX: The New Pyramid of Sustainability for the Mediterranean Diet

The MedDiet 4.0 project was created to demonstrate in a visual and accessible way the four principal aspects related to the Mediterranean Diet and its sustainability.

The Mediterranean Diet has long been known for its high value on health and the recognition of UNESCO as an intangible Cultural Heritage. But there are four dimensions, not just two: in addition to the established health benefits, there is a high socio-cultural value, but since the Mediterranean Diet is predominantly based on vegetable foods, it has a low environmental impact.

In addition, the Mediterranean Diet has economic repercussions on the territory because it is linked to local products. So we can talk about four dimensions of the MedDiet 4.0 project:

  • Proven health benefits
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Socio-cultural value
  • Economic value for the communities in which it is practiced

It was then created a new pyramid that carries these four dimensions and has been placed inside a dome. The dome represents the balance of the Mediterranean diet of the relationship between person and nature: because the Mediterranean Diet means diversity and balance of foods, it means eating a bit of everything, especially vegetable foods and gradually reducing consumption of food foods that have a greater environmental impact on the planet.

This project is born in the Expo area and wants to support a call, within the initiatives taken in support of the Mediterranean Diet, the latter being promoted by the emblematic communities Mipaaf for a Mediterranean Diet Card and the appeal launched from Siam for action to support food systems.

The new Mediterranean Diet for Sustainability is a concept that brings not only to the individual but also to the community and the planet the need to find a balance, to find our relationship with ourselves. In fact, the Mediterranean Diet deals primarily with the individual, but it also concerns the community at a time when the Mediterranean Diet moves mainly on the concept of conviviality and sharing of food, and is a talk increasingly connected to the overall reality that is good for Planet, therefore, concerns the overall well-being, the well-being of us, the community and the four-dimensional planet.

These four dimensions will be represented on the four sides of the pyramid with very simple messages because it is a publicity initiative aimed at the general public, starting from the Roman Existing to the Gazometer from the 9 July until reaching the Expo, looking every time through a series of talk shows to deepen the issues related to the four triangles. This means bringing the Mediterranean Diet back to people, to all of us. We are the Mediterranean Diet and it is up to us to defend it.