Happy Birthday Mediterranean Diet

The “Georgakopouleio” Elementary School of Methoni (Municipality of Pylos-Nestor) celebrated the 11th birthday of the first inscription of Mediterranean Diet in UNESCO with activities that took place on November 15-16, 2021.

In the context of the “Well-Being” Thematic Unit, which is embodied in the Skills Workshops launched by the school, students from the 4th Grade had the opportunity to engage in educational activities regarding the Mediterranean Diet. Particularly, on November 15, the students presented a multimedia material which included a metrical fairy tale titled “Wow, what a diet!” that they created. The fairy tale was presented on stage a day before.

On November 16, the same students visited a local olive mill and learned about olive oil production, export, history, taste, uses, and health benefits. The point was to offer children an olive oil experience through their five senses. After the visit the students prepared a presentation under the title “Learning about the Mediterranean Diet.”