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Christmas Season On The Island Of Hvar

The Christmas season in Hvar begins with the  Feast of Saint Nicholas on 6 December. Today, giving presents on this occasion is quite usual, unlike some fifty years ago when this custom was reserved only for the children of rich bourgeois families. Up until that time, the youngest inhabitants of Hvar were presented gifts only […]

Christmas can only smell of Choux pastry fritters

Porojenje Jedino More Imat Vonj Od Pašuratih Choux pastry fritters – pašurate or fritule are the favourite Christmas dessert on the island of Hvar. It is a type of round fritters. On their presence on the island of Hvar and the etymology: the name originates from the long-extinct Dalmatian language (a variant of the vernacular […]

Our Lady of Health and St. Prosperus – patrons against the famine

The Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (known locally as Velika Gospa), celebrated on 15 August, reminds people of the importance of family gatherings and gatherings of indigenous people even at the peak of the tourist season when people are usually very busy and do not have time for each other.There are a few […]