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Symposium Anatomy of islands

Island at the table: Mediterranean Diet between global processes and Island knowledge Jelsa, island of Hvar, Municipal Hall,28 – 30 September, 2023. After five years of meeting on Vis and another five on Lastovo, we invite you to Hvar, to the town of Jelsa, where the 11th Anatomy of Islands symposium will take place at […]

Cachopo Open Days

March, 18th, 19th – The Municipality of Tavira promotes, between March and June, the program “Cachopo Open Days”, which consists of carrying out scientific research and dissemination activities aimed at the general public. Tours, workshops, cooking and conversations will take place in the parish of Cachopo. “Cachopo Open Days” addresses topics such as biodiversity, landscape, geodiversity, […]

The Recovery and Resilience Plan – PRR

It defines a set of investments and reforms that should contribute to the following dimensions: resilience, climate transition and digital transition. In Portugal, and following the approval of the Innovation Agenda for Agriculture 2020-2030, the call N.º 12/ C05-i03/2021 Sustainable Food, which is aimed at applications to the Emblematic Initiative 1 – Sustainable Food, aims […]

Opening of The Viticulture Collection in Pitve

Island Hvar, Tuesday 28th February 2023 – The Viticulture Collection, founded in 1989, has been re-established in the renovated building of the former elementary school in the village of Pitve. This new museum space was designed with the desire to intervene the story of traditional viticulture on the island of Hvar with the organoleptic properties […]

TerritorialMED Project – Lisbon and “Tejo” River Valley Region

Traditional Algarve nativity scene can be seen at the Old School of Santa Rita

The Seminar “Challenges for Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the Territories”, held on May 31, 2022, aimed to present the results of the TerritorialMED Project – Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet in the regions, funded by the National Rural Network / PDR2020, and to give visibility to the important work started to […]

Christmas Season On The Island Of Hvar

The Christmas season in Hvar begins with the  Feast of Saint Nicholas on 6 December. Today, giving presents on this occasion is quite usual, unlike some fifty years ago when this custom was reserved only for the children of rich bourgeois families. Up until that time, the youngest inhabitants of Hvar were presented gifts only […]

Christmas can only smell of Choux pastry fritters

Porojenje Jedino More Imat Vonj Od Pašuratih Choux pastry fritters – pašurate or fritule are the favourite Christmas dessert on the island of Hvar. It is a type of round fritters. On their presence on the island of Hvar and the etymology: the name originates from the long-extinct Dalmatian language (a variant of the vernacular […]

“Kalikantzari” Goblins, A Blanket Term For The Mythical Festive Season

Like in many other countries of Europe, goblins (kalikantzari) chose the days of Christmas to make their scary and messy appearance! It is believed that they always come into the houses from the 25th of December till the 6th of January (when the Holy Spirit sanctifies the waters and sends them away). These hairy little […]

Christmas and New Year’s Customs and Food Habits in Greece

Christmas and New Year’s Day are gloriously celebrated. The streets, lighted and decorated, contribute to the cheerful atmosphere. On the eve of those two celebrations, early in the morning, children go from house to house to sing the Christmas carols accompanied by the sounds of the triangles. (Back in the old day, the lady of […]

Christmas village in Agros

Located in the Troodos mountain range, in Pitsilia region of Lemesos (Limassol) district, Agros sits at an altitude of 1.100 metres. The layout of this picturesque village resembles that of a theatre, embraced by the surrounding mountains. Each year, Agros is converted into a Christmas village with a distinct Mediterranean flavor and stalls with local […]