Agros Rose Festival

After two years of absence, the biggest celebration of Spring returned to its home in Agros, and this is none other than the Rose Festival. 

This festival has been taking place for 13 years and it is organised by the Community Council of Agros. Adored by travellers and locals, this year’s celebration on May 14-15 and 21-22 was a great success.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit local workshops and exhibitions and learn all about the distillation of roses, the production process and the use of products derived from rose such as perfumes, brandy, liqueur, and other local recipes. Some visitors joined locals around 5:30 a.m to collect flowers before the morning mist. Quiet walks, connection with nature, fresh mountain air and strong rosy fragrance were the rewards for those who attended.

Along the village, various kiosks were selling traditional products and Cypriot delicacies. The event was accompanied by a rich music and dance program, visitors enjoyed performances of folk dance and music throughout the festival. It is known that our Mediterranean identity is characterised by liveliness, intense social interaction etc., and this can be seen from the active involvement of visitors in the various dances and activities. 

All the sights of the village were open to the public and visitors had the opportunity to visit them and get to know the beauties of Agros as well as what it has to offer them on any given day. In addition, train rides were offered to transport visitors throughout the village by making their tour more enjoyable.

This festival showcases the diverse cultural heritage of Agros, ranging from traditional gastronomy to crafts making, music and dance and provides an opportunity to local community members and visitors to celebrate the most beautiful season in Agros, when Rosa Damascena tree blooms.