Dalmatinska Marenda (Dalmatian Brunch)

Turistička zajednica Splitsko – dalmatinske županije with the ŠKMER ACMER (Association of Chefs of Mediterranean and European Regions) started the Dalmatinska Marenda project a year ago, which promotes Dalmatian gastronomy through education and masterclasses.

The project is not only of a gastronomic character, it is a kind of link of all social components where the guest through traditional dishes characteristic of our region wants to present the full experience of the destination by sitting at the table at a certain time of the day, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Dalmatian brunch dishes are designed in such a way that they are simple, from the way of preparation to the way of serving. The fullness of taste and smell is what keeps you at the table, along with song, conversation and some gossip.  In the past, Dalmatinska marenda was a kind of social chronicle and has always been a symbol of Dalmatian cuisine. There was always a good atmosphere at the table with freshly cooked food, usually on a spoon, a glass of wine and a ćakula (chat). All these specificities are tried to be presented to the guests in order to bring them closer to the beauty of living in Dalmatia.                                                      

The name Dalmatinska marenda reminds and encourages the importance of gastronomy as an expression of the culture of living. In addition to the above, a very important segment of education is about what marenda is and how it is presented in a particular restaurant, and how to maintain the quality of the gastronomic presentation and preparation of the dish itself if we want it to truly become a brand.  Quality must accompany absolutely every step of the development of this project. Many valuable foods that are the backbone of the Mediterranean diet come from Dalmatia. Our foods are of high quality, specific, the spices are unique and rich, and the goal of this education is to combine all of that into one, without losing the connection with tradition and the method of preparation.
In addition to the project, training courses on branding tourist destinations as year-round or seasonal gourmet destinations are also held.                                                                                                                         

Turistička zajednica Općine Bol organized the mentioned education in April, and Srednja škola Bol was the host.  The same education was held in Milna on the island of Brač, and in May in Jelsa on the island of Hvar. The theoretical part of education was held by Alma Harašić Bremec and Ive Cvitanić, who introduced the participants in a very interesting way to the recognition and special features of Dalmatinska marenda and introduced them to the modalities of promoting the gourmet destination and pointed out to them the potential of including a branded gourmet offer in event programs.  The master class was held by the famous chef Željko Neven Bremec and the multi-awarded young chef Petar Vlak. They prepared traditional Dalmatian dishes: lamb with biži, baked tuna with verzot and capers, fried prawns, homemade bread and rožata. Of course, the dishes could be tasted, and all in all it was a very valuable experience for those who participated in this education, especially for the students.

We do not doubt that in a few years, they will be promoting healthy and indigenous dishes as part of the offer at their workplace.