Dalmatinska Rožata

Rožata is one of the oldest Dalmatian sweets, which got its name from rose liqueur.

Ingredients for 10-12 persons:

10 eggs

10 spoons of sugar

1 liter milk

Vanilla sugar

Lemon peel

Orange peel

Marascino, Rožoljo (rose petal liqueur) or another liqueur

Sugar for caramelizing 20-25 spoons

Way of preparation:

Melt the caramelizing sugar on low heat and pour into the molds. Mix the eggs, sugar and milk and all the spices in a mixing bowl. Beat lightly with a whisk. Allow the flavors to blend for a few minutes. Strain and pour into molds. Cook in steam in a convection oven at 80 oC for about 20 minutes for single portions, and up to 60 minutes for larger molds. If cooking in a bain-marie oven, then the oven temperature is 150-180 oC. Cool in the mold, remove and serve with whipped cream.