About the New Year’s Tradition of Vasilopita

On New Year’s Eve, housewives make a festive bread, a “pitta” dedicated to the feast of Saint Basil, called Vasilopitta. Vasilopita is sourdough pitta and is prepared with wheat flour, warm water, salt and flavored with anise, cinnamon and mastic. Vasilopita must be kneaded very well and is given a round shape and patinated, creating a flat surface in order to be able to decorate it. Size varies according to the number of family members.The decoration is done using tools, such as blade or scissors, and is usually a large cross carved on top or the number of the new year. Τhe next step is to put a coin in the dough and then, vasilopita is ready to be baked.

When it’s time to eat Vasilopita, the oldest family member ‘crosses’ vasilopita, and then using a knife seperates a piece for each member of the family. Whoever has the coin is considered to be the lucky person of the year. Last but not least, Vasilopita is usually served with red wine.