Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean

The Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean is an industry leadership conference organized by the Torribera Mediterranean Center (TMC).

The aim of the conference Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean aims to help the restaurant, foodservice industry and affiliated sectors better understand and transfer the healthful, sustainable, and cultural principles of the Mediterranean Diet into menus and products suited to the demands of 21st century consumers.

The Mediterranean Diet is unquestionably one of the world’s healthiest, not to mention delicious, ways to eat. Its benefits to our physical and mental health are settled science, as leading researchers from all over the globe, from Harvard to the University of Barcelona, have been proving for decades.

NOVEMBER 27, 2023 – Our network will be represented during the Session 2, panel:

Renewing Food Culture—Securing the Future of the Mediterranean Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Recognized by UNESCO.

Moderator: Xenophon Kappas.
Presenters: Sara RoversiStefano PisaniGeorgia KoutsoukouEnric Tello.

Read the program here.