International Museum Day

The Conviviality of Mediterranean Museums – Mediterranean Diet Emblematic Communities Network – Joint Initiative

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) established International Museum Day in 1977 to increase public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society, and it has been steadily gaining momentum ever since.

On the occasion of the 2022 International Museums Day, happening on May 18th, the Network of the UNESCO Mediterranean Diet Emblematic Communities is organizing a joint event, involving families from the local communities, to gather around a virtual table and share recipes for the future.

The international Museum Day 2022 aims to explore the potential of museums through three lenses:

  • The power of achieving sustainability
  • The power of innovating on digitalization and accessibility
  • The power of community building through education

In this edition of International Museum Day, we invite you to join the Network of the UNESCO Emblematic Communities, explore the power of the Mediterranean Diet, and participate! How to become part of this event? Prepare a meal following the Mediterranean Diet concept, take pictures of the process, setting, ingredients, or the sharing of the meal. Post the photos on social media, with the event hashtag #MediterraneanDietTables, and tag your local Emblematic Community, with the tags listed below. By posting your photo with the event hashtag, you give the Mediterranean Diet Network permission to use the photo in promotional activities, with the name from your social media account credited. 

Beginning 20 April and ending 9 May, each Emblematic Community – Agros (Cyprus) · Brac and Hvar (Croatia) · Chefchaouen (Morocco) · Cilento (Italy) · Koroni (Greece) · Soria (Spain) · Tavira (Portugal) – is organizing an open call for members and families of their community to cook traditional and seasonal dishes, take a picture, and share it on social media before 9 May. 

The Emblematic Communities are then responsible for creating a virtual and/or physical space where all the photos of all ECs are collected.

On the 18th of May, the “Tables of the Mediterranean Diet,” local exhibitions across the Emblematic Communities, featuring a collection of the pictures and recipes, will be inaugurated with events and a virtual marathon to connect the Emblematic Communities.

The purpose of the photo collection is to create a moment of conviviality over a  meal, and then a moment of sharing the Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle of the future.


  • 20 April – 9 May – Communities promote event (local press release, social media, community mailing lists)
  • 1 – 9 May – Families post photos
  • 10 – 17 May – Communities select, print, curate local physical/virtual exhibitions. Booklet created of aggregated photos and recipes from across all the communities. 
  • 18 May – Tables of the Mediterranean Diet Exhibitions


To participate, post your photo with the hashtag #MediterraneanDietTables + the hashtag for your local Emblematic Community. 

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