Chtapodi Koroneiko – Koroni Octopus

Greeks have been eating octopus for hundreds of years and over time have perfected the process. Using only the freshest octopus, thoroughly cleaned and tenderized, served with local flavorings makes it a quintessential dish of the area. 


1 octopus, approximately 1 kg

1 ½ teacup of olive oil

1 teacup of Mavrodaphne wine or local wine from Koroni or any sweet red wine

2-3 laurel leaves


Wash the octopus very well, clean its body and remove the eye.

Put a casserole dish on strong fire to heat up, then turn down the fire and put the octopus inside. Turn it round and round, until it is almost burned.

Pour the olive oil and turn the octopus round and round again for several times.

Pour the wine, add the laurel leaves, turn down the fire to minimum, close the lid and let it boil with the steam emitted.

Taste it to see if it is cooked. The octopus is pretty resistant to cooking and it is better to cook it until it maintains its shape.

When cooked, put it on a platter and pour the sauce on it. If you like, you can sprinkle some oregano.