Cachopo Open Days

March, 18th, 19th – The Municipality of Tavira promotes, between March and June, the program “Cachopo Open Days”, which consists of carrying out scientific research and dissemination activities aimed at the general public. Tours, workshops, cooking and conversations will take place in the parish of Cachopo.

“Cachopo Open Days” addresses topics such as biodiversity, landscape, geodiversity, religious artistic heritage, the history of cereal production, food and gastronomy, vernacular architecture and the use of construction materials, allowing research to citizen participation, as well as knowledge sharing by the community.

March, 18th | Tour and workshop “Agricultural Biodiversity – Heritage and Landscapes”, guided by Associação Colher Para Semear – Portuguese Network of Traditional Varieties

March, 19th | Culinary demonstration and Conversation “Agricultural Biodiversity – ancient foods and innovation”, guided by Margarida Vargues (chef) and by Associação Colher Para Semear – Portuguese Network of Traditional Varieties

The motto of the meeting is the “winter tomato” also known as “hanging tomato” or “guard tomato”. Like other foods, tomatoes, after picking, are stored and preserved to last until the next harvest. The cold in the mountains, in winter, removes its color and accentuates its flavor.

Margarida Vargues will show the culinary possibilities of this type of tomato and other seasonal products – how to cook with the family and children and how these products are prepared in other areas of Mediterranean culture.

The free activities will have a maximum duration of seven hours, with departure from Tavira scheduled for 9:30 am. The actions have a limited number of people and transport is the responsibility of the municipality.

Agricultural Biodiversity – ancient foods and innovation” by Margarida Vargues (cook and biologist)

All interested parties should register by March 15th through the following links:

“Agricultural Biodiversity – heritage and landscapes” –

“Agricultural Biodiversity – ancient foods and innovation” –