Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Octopus Stew

A traditional and favorite recipe of Portugal, the Octopus Stew (Caldeirada de polvo) is a simple yet hearty dish, best served with slices of local, crusty bread.

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Chtapodi Koroneiko – Koroni Octopus

Greeks have been eating octopus for hundreds of years and over time have perfected the process. Using only the freshest octopus, thoroughly cleaned and tenderized, served with local flavorings makes it a quintessential dish of the area.

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Koupepia (Stuffed Vine Leaves) with Rose Petals

This traditional Cypriot and Greek dish is often served at celebrations, but is also a staple meal throughout the year. Frequently served in a mezze platter, it provides a flavorful and healthy option with mint, green onions and rose petals in the stuffing.  

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Purple Cauliflower Salad

Adapted from Feasting at Home.  This healthy, seasonal salad is packed with quintessential Mediterranean ingredients and flavors and is as delicious as it is beautiful.

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