Happy Birthday Mediterranean Diet

Municipality of Pylos-Nestor , Greece

The “Georgakopouleio” Elementary School of Methoni (Municipality of Pylos-Nestor) celebrates the 11th birthday of the first inscription of Mediterranean Diet in UNESCO with activities that will take place on November 15-16, 2021. The school has lunched Pilot Skills Workshops, that are thematic units dealing with learning, life, technology, science, and mind skills. Students' activities are [...]

Peloponnese Food Stories: Stories of Tastes, People, Culture

Koroni Koroni, Greece

The Maniatakeion Foundation participates in the 1st Gastronomy Festival “Peloponnese Food Stories: Stories of Tastes, People, Culture" organized by the Peloponnese Region. This festival involves a set of activities in each of its 5 Regional Sections, with the aim of promoting the culinary wealth of the region and its place in time. Food Stories will [...]